Anyone have Balance 305 with fiber optic internet service?


I have 1 Gb down and 1 Gb up fiber optic internet from CenturyLink. I’ve recently learned that many routers don’t have a throughput rating this fast. The Balance 305 is rated for 1 Gbps throughput with hardware version 2 and the latest firmware. Can anyone confirm that when they do speed tests with this router that they obtain speeds approaching 1 Gb down and 1 Gb up? The ZyXel router that CenturyLink provided can’t go past about 700 Kbps down and 300 Kbps up. I’d like to buy my own router, but want to be sure it won’t be a bottleneck also. Thanks.



B305 1Gb throughput is fully tested & confirmed by Peplink QA team. If you doubt for the performance and worry about the performance that can get from your environment, please contact Peplink local partner & arrange POC test unit for the performance test.

May i know the the fiber link throughput is bi-direction for 1Gb upload & 1Gb download concurrently ? If yes, then most properly you need to have a router 2Gb throughput router.

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I don’t know if the rated speeds are concurrent. Website speed tests always test the download and upload speeds separately. When I do those tests I typically see results such as 930 Mbps down and then 920 Mbps up.



Can you further check with the service provider ? This is important when you need to decide the proper model.

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