Anybody know what the last 2 entries comes from?

I am still a newbie at setting up my Peplink 720.

I am looking at my "Active sessions on the “status” tab and when I look at the last 2 entries, I am lost to as where they are coming from. My network internal net is only the to 254, so where is the coming from. Can’t seem to find anything on-line other that a Trojan back door and if that is what this is, how do I go about stopping it?

I have never noticed them before a few days ago!

[TABLE=“class: stat_table”]


[TR=“class: zb2”]





Any help/explanation is appreciated

Hi Charley,

  1. All 3 connection above you found in Outboud table?

  2. Please confirm what is your LAN subnet mask. Is or

  3. If your subnet mask is, are you manage to ping

  4. May I know any Layer 3 device (router or Layer 3 switch) behind Balance 710?

Yes, all 3 connections are found only in the outbound table. There are many more but I only showed the last 3 entries. (All other entries are what I would expect to see.)

My Lan subnet mask is (I set it up for the range of to on my DHCP server)

I get no ping return from the address

The 710 goes into a Netgear Smart Switch GS724AT and gets distributed from there via GB fiber.

Hope this makes sense.


If you could reconfirm the subnet mask, as a is a /30 and not a /24 (

Sorry, I put the wrong subnet. The correct subnet is


Please open ticket for us to investigate and turn on Remote Assistance. We need to take a look on this unit.

Thank you.


Entries are only seen on WAN # 3.