Any advantage to using RIPv2 on a network with only two routers?

I use a Balance 20 for my gateway to the internet, and it has two clients hard-wired to it. It also has a Kyocera wifi router attached to it via CAT5 ethernet on the same network. The Kyocera is an older 802.11n router, but it does support RIP v2. The Balance 20 will also support RIP v2. There are about 20 wifi clients give or take at any given time connected to the Kyocera. Would there be any advantage to implementing RIP v2 between these routers?

Hi, I can’t think of any value that would be added by using RIP in that scenario.

Thanks. I was thinking the same thing, but I’m no expert on RIP. One hop, and you’re in/out of the local network.