Another happy Peplink user!

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Balance 20. I am using it in my home, with cable and DSL service. I am in a rural area served by Charter (cable) and AT&T (DSL). Cable is much faster, but is not as reliable as the DSL.

I am writing this from the point of view of a fairly technical person at home. I don’t have an IT department, so I need devices that just work and that are not a pain to install and maintain. The Balance 20 works perfectly for me and my family: we are able to work, do homework, make phone calls (VOIP & cell), play games, etc. without any interruption. SOHO users like me, using the “lower” end of the Peplink line get the benefit of the R&D that Peplink does for their larger/enterprise level boxes…

The setup took 5 minutes, and it was easy to tweak the settings I needed for firewall and port forwarding.

Like a lot of people today, I have many IP devices in my home: Ooma phone service, Tivo, alarm system, internet radio, Verizon cell network extender, Netflix streamer, Xbox, etc. etc. All of these work perfectly.

The only issues I had fall into two categories:

  • me being unfamiliar with the Balance 20 at first (such as opening ports at the firewall that you want to port forward)
  • trying to find workarounds for problems that have nothing to do with Peplink (such as Charter and the way they allocate DHCP :mad:, and services like DNS-O-Matic that are not designed for dual wan routers)

In both cases, I was able to get support very quickly.

I would absolutely recommend Peplink to my friends and family… of course, then*** I ***would be the first line of support! :wink:

Thank you!!

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yes your products are great

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