And design for hotel?

hello peplink guru

can you please provide also in a hotel setup with 1,000+ guest access

How many rooms, floors, construction of walls etc?
How many internet connections do you have available?

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  1. each building up to 4th floor
  2. per building 100 rooms
  3. currently 20 buildings
  4. must integrade between peplink and hotel system eg. once the prepaid internet account printed to a guest (eg. room 101) the peplink device send data to the hotel system and automatically charge to the guest account (room 101) into the hotel system
  5. plan is 100 mbps
  6. with internet printer (does peplink support thermal printer?)
  7. zoning internet access.
  8. etc


I suggest working with local Peplink partner. An on-site survey is needed to provide better advice on this. I can PM you the contact if you don’t have the preferred Peplink partner.

Thank you.

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