Am I thinking about Vlans and tagging correctly?

I just want to make sure I am thinking about this correctly. I am going to use a br1 5g pro and I want to set it up so that a separate vlan exists with my cameras, and then additional vlans exist for various other hardwired components.

I understand that I can set a rule so that all traffic on Lan2 of the 5g gets tagged to a specific vlan say 10.

However, is it also true that I can then connect LAN1 to a managed switch, setup per port tagging on that switch, and then set rules for those vlans in the router? EG will the router accept vlan tags from other devices? I assume so, but I have never played with vlans and tagging before.

In trunk mode an ethernet port will pass tagged packets.

In access mode all inbound packets will land on a specific VLAN. If that port is connected to another switch the packets will leave that port without tags.

If your goal is to utilize “shared” VLANS across both devices, then you should set the peplink and the other device to trunk mode on the port that connects them.

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