Am I going by VPN throughput when looking at SpeedFusion bonding?

One of my customers has 2 cable connections, 150/20 and wants them actually bonded not load balanced. I am going to use FusionHub which is fine, but just wanted to check if it’s the VPN throughput I’d be looking at that needs to support close to 300Mbps for the bonding? He wanted fail over to cellular also, so I was going to use a HD3 but then noticed VPN throughput shows just 120Mbps.

If I look at a Balance device it seems like I’d need the Balance 710 which supports 400Mbps? But then I’d need a BR1 or something also for the LTE fail over. Just wanted to confirm that I’m correct in this. My thought is the customer should load balance, but then just bond lesser bandwith together for traffic that needs the hot fail over etc. Like even just bond up to 100Mbps vs the entire pipe but customer really wants one large connection. Thanks!

You are spot on with your calculations and the throughput requirements. If you were going hardware then yes, you’ll need a high end Balance plus a BR1 to add cellular. When I have customers in this situation I usually advise bonding only the most important traffic such as VoIP, RDP, etc. We offer our SimplyBonding service for end users but only have throughput tiers up to 50Mbps for exactly this reason. Theres usually no reason to bond everything, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, etc when the critical traffic across two or more connections may be less than 20Mbps even at max.

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