Alternate Periocially between SIMs

I purchased a Max Transit Mini, which has been hands down the best Modem/Router I have used, but I am trying to understand the option “WAN Connection Settings” > “Cellular Settings” > “Alternate periocially between SIM A Only and SIM B Only” [the word periocially is spelled wrong as it was in the firmware loaded]?
What I am trying to do:
I have SIM-A with a data limit of 40MB a month and SIM-B with a data limit of 20MB a week! I am trying to alternate between the 2 SIMs so as to not use all the 40mb at once but to maximize the use of both SIMs for each month, example:
Week 01: SIM-A = 10mb & SIM-B = 20mb
Week 02: SIM-A = 10mb & SIM-B = 20mb
Week 03: SIM-A = 10mb & SIM-B = 20mb
Week 04: SIM-A = 10mb & SIM-B = 20mb
Total for month = 120mb

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Do you mean GB rather than MB?

I get the idea behind this, but whats not clear is do you want to control the use of SIM-A restrictively or opportunistically. ie, if week one is really busy - you blow through the allowance on SIM B, do you want to restrict Sim A to 25% of its monthly allowance and then be disconnected, until the following week or do you want to continue to consume the bandwidth on SIM A?

The weekly allowance SIM, when you have used the weekly allowance does it block internet access or just reduce it to very low speeds?

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Yes, I meant GB instead of MB!

Regardless of how much data is used by SIM-A, I would like to have it switch to SIM-B. Now if SIM-B starts to exceed its weekly 20GB then switch back to SIM-B.

OK, so this will require a bit of a hack since the bandwidth allowance monitor is only aware of monthly allowances at the moment.

To get the end result you want:

  1. Put the 20GB SIM into Slot A and the 40GB SIM into Slot B
  2. Set a weekly scheduled reboot to match the SIM refresh day and time + 10mins.

What will happen is:

  1. MAX will boot, attempt to connect using SIM in Slot A which will connect.
  2. You consume all the weekly data available on slot A
  3. Healthcheck will spot lack of internet access when SIM A runs out of weekly data and switches to use Slot B
  4. Once a week, just after the weekly SIM’s allowance has refreshed, the MAX reboots and we’re back at point 1 above (on SIM A) and on the weekly sim once more.

Then go an do a +1 on this feature request: Daily and Weekly settings for sim allowance email alerts


Thank you for the technical information, but my SIM configuration has changed due to unexpected carrier availability. I now have changed my providers and have 2 SIMs with a 400GB monthly allowance each for a total of 800GB. Any suggestions/recommendations on how to automatically utilize both allowances for a single month?

The transit mini will use one then the other by itself so long as the SIMs block internet access when their allowances run out (rather than just traffic shape to 128kbps).

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So in other wards, once the 1st 400GB (SIM-A) is used up then the pepwave will switch to the 2nd 400GB (SIM-B) for the rest of the month?

Yes that#s right. You can enter the bandwidth allowances per sim and even save some in reserve if you like, but the default config is for the transit to use SIM A first then when it doesn’t let you connect because there is no bandwidth allowance left - it tries SIM B.

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Thanks, I was hoping to have it switch each day at a specified time between the 2 SIMs, so that I could spread the data usage over both for the month. Thanks, this device has so many features that are really great for my home network, i.e. VLANS, 3 LAN ports, FW, IPS etc. Thanks again!

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Why? I still don’t understand why you want to do that.
Closest you can get at the moment is half the month on one sim, half on the other:

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Just trying to balance the usage of data out over both wireless providers! Just seeing if I can! Trying to setup email notifications with gmail, not as easy as it was with my other devices!

Due to data useage restrictions, I would like to SIM A run for 15 days and then SIM B for the next 15 days. In you example, you mentioned setting the “SIM Cards Alternate” on the 15th of the month would run SIM A for 1/2 month and then SIM B for 1/2 month. That would be perfect, however, I think the settings would cause SIM A to run from 15th to 15th of next month (30 days) and then SIM B from 15th to 15th of next month (30 days). This achieves alternating whole months. A finer granularity would be beneficial to most folks with multiple SIMs wanting to balance them.

I wish Pepwave would add a schedule where I can specify multiple rules in the schedule. For example, (1) SIM A 15th to Last Day plus (2) SIM B Last Day to 15th. This example is simple, but the schedule should allow for many rules, not just 1 as it stands now.

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