Allow IOS Router Utility to Override DND on iPhone App

Is there a reason that there is no ability within the app settings to override the DND on the iPhone?
If the functionality is there, I can’t seem to find it.
In some apps, you can scroll to their settings on the “settings” screen and some have the ability to have push notifications override the DND state during the DND schedule - otherwise all push notifications are silenced.

This is a fairly important feature to those of us who monitor systems 24x7…

If it’s already built in to the app, and I’m just missing it; my apologies…

Andrew Wolf
Linfield College
Peplink Balance 1350/5.4.7

No Router Utility cannot override the Do Not Disturb schedule today. But yes I see where you are coming from, Andrew. We will take a closer look at this feature.

Stay tuned.

Andrew, “DND” for notification was a feature added to Notification Center in iOS platform last year. Notification Center itself is a centralized place to handle all of iOS’s little alerts at operation system level.
At the moment, after a research on it, iOS/Apple doesn’t provide any overriding function/API of DND feature for notification. Notification Center allows only data/transmission handling and operation management at application level.
The schedule of “DND” for notification is now only able to be globally set and an individual app has no way to override it yet. Thanks!