Aliases in Firewall

While migrating from a PfSense device to a Peplink 310, I noticed that configuration options for the firewall are a bit more convoluted than they could be.

It should be possible to define aliases for IPs, or groups of IPs to use in firewall rules in situations where IP ranges are inappropriate. It would also allow a single reference for a host to be updated should its IP change, rather than individually editing every rule it is used in.


Accounting PCs (allowed to access servers owned by our bank, to post transactions)

Bank Servers (on internet)

The same my case, I have temporarily fixed it by creating a rule for outbound policy, click Network > Outbound Policy then click Add Rule. I have given an IP range of accounting dept. to access to banks via one WAN only. It’s settled.

Has someone any ideas???

Agreed, this would be very useful.

I’m using a Peplink 30 in a SOHO office environment so intend to do some careful IP address reallocating (along with DHCP reservations) to (for example) ensure that the kids PC are easy to summarise into a single rule so that I can more tidily restrict them and stop them stealing all my bandwidth:-)

Obviously that’s quite a limited option/idea and isn’t very flexible (or useful for external hosts either).

Hopefully something will be forthcoming in a later release?

Can we get this added to the forthcoming feature list please?