Alarm email from peplink balance

Hi there,I have email notification set in all my peplink/pepwave devices.

This is a very nice feature that keep us informed everytime that there is a status change in any of the routers.

However, sometimes we have to much emails from the units because some of the WAN is up and down all the time (and this is one of the reasons why someone trust in a peplink/pepwave router:
one or more internet conections might fail, but if atleast onr of the internet connections is On, we never lose access to the internet). and when we have so many emails always saying the same thing (WAN down, WAN up, WAN down…), we might lose the really important one.

For that reason, I whould like to have:

  • a better control on the email notifications that are sent (for example, I am more interested in get informed if any of my Speedfusion/Pepvpn links from the main office to remote servers is broken comparing to the information that one of the internet connections in the remote location is down and the second one is up an running. My bigger concern is if all is down and there isn’t any access to my remote locations).

  • have the option to send emails to a second email address with different options for each. This way, I could keep sending all WAN up/down notifications to email box, where all this information is stored for future analisys, and have a second one that alerts me everytime that I lose access to any of my remote locations.

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Hi Nuno,

Dev team is looking into similar request as detailed here:


Thank you very much Jonan,

I will make my coments directly in the other thread