Advise on PepLink Model

Need advice on Peplink model, looking at the 031 or the 310. Need fail over and load balance between a 50/10 DSL and a 30Mb Ethernet Circuit. Also, requirement to be able to block Pandora completely from being used by employees. Simply blocking the website is not helping due to third party workarounds on web pages. Can Peplink accommodate this?


Aside from the throughput they support, 031 and 310 is further differentiated by some other criteria, like the recommended users, whether you require drop-in mode, inbound load-balancing, or speedfusion capability.

You can check on the details from our comparison chart. Linked below for ease of access.

As for blocking of website (I assumed by Pandora you meant the jewellery), I’m afraid aside from blocking of domains, the only way is to educate your users.