Advice on maxing LTE uptime


Need your help on the following:

On the MAX series where exists redudants sim slots, we have the following example:


Slot Sim1: LTE

Slot Sim2: Auto

How can we force LTE when SIM2 is at 3G (due to failover) and SIM1 has LTE again? How can this be done automatically


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If I understand correctly, SIM-slot 1 has your preference since it’s LTE.
When you select SIM-card A at ‘Preferred SIM-card’ as your preferred SIM-card, the ‘Failback to Preferred SIM when’ functionality appears.

Here you can set the time for how long the device has to be idle before it switches back to the preferred SIM-card.
Make sure you set the preferred SIM-card to ‘LTE-only’, so the unit can only switch back when your preferred SIM-card has LTE connectivity.


Hi Joey,

Thanks for the fast reply.

What about if the Sim Card B never gets idle due to several client usage? Anyway to force (automatically)?


Hello @jmsoares91,

You can “force” the device to re-connect to the preferred SIM after a set amount of time (30 minutes in this example). However, if the preferred SIM is not able to establish a connection, this will result in a short period of down-time for the users. The device will try to connect, then fail the health-checks and then fail-back to the 2nd SIM.

I agree with @Joey_van_der_Gaag that the best method for your users is to use the Idle Timeout setting.