Advice for a Surf Soho user

Hi all,

I have a Surf Soho MK3 in a small business environment and now a year later i need 2-3 additional ports. I am looking for a compatible switch that can support three VLANs/SSIDs that i have previously setup on the Surf Soho.

Nothing too expensive, as the budget here is around £200 max.

Can anyone recommend a suitable device?

Thanks for any help and advice


I use the Netgear Prosafe switches all the time with Peplink equipment and am very happy with them with regards value for money and features. You can get a 5 port for $45 or an 8 port for $59. the POE version (4 ports POE) on an 8 port switch is $105

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Thanks Martin, i will take a look at it.

Hi Martin,

Purchased! Thanks for your advice.

I think i am having a special moment, did you find it easy setting up a switch with your VLAN on the surf soho?

I have that switch connected to one of my soho ports, setup as trunk to any vlan, on the switch i tried setting port 5 to the VLAN ID of one of my VLANs configured on the soho VLANID 4. Though i am failing to get it to work. (did not use 802.1Q)

Can the switch direct different vlans for different ports (on the switch) through to different vlans on the soho?

Any tips would be amazing