Advanced Wi-Fi settings - Incontrol2



With the coming of Incontrol2 I’m missing some advanced settings in Incontrol2.
On the device I can configure those settings, but when the accespoint is managed by Incontrol2 the sections “AP–> Wireless SSID” & “AP --> Settings” are disabled.

The settings I’m looking for to configure are the following:

  • Enable: Block LAN Access
  • Configure: Up/Downstream limit
  • Configure: Client Up/Downstream limit
  • Enable: AutoScan Best Channel (2.4 & 5GHz)
  • Configure: Scheduled Radio Availability

If someone could help me to enable/configure those (group-wided) settings, that would be great.

The accespoint I’m using is: Pepwave AP One AC Mini
Firmware I’m using: 3.5.1 build 1500




Those advanced settings cannot be configured by IC2. You will need to log into each AP and configure them manually.

Otherwise if using the AP controller instead of IC2 the above can be done there, draw-back is IC2 will not be able to manage the device.


Hi Jarid,

As I mentioned above, I can’t configure those settings when the device is managed by Incontrol2. The pages are disabled for configuration (see screenshots)
Also why isn’t it possible to configure those settings from Incontrol2? The two pages that are disabled for configuration claiming they are configured by Incontrol2.

Likely there are some particular settings configured by Incontrol2, otherwise it wouldn’t show the message: This configuration is being managed by InControl.
So I don’t see why it would’t be possible to configure those settings by Incontrol2




Please exclude AP management for this device from InControl2.

We will continue enhance features in InControl2 in future. Please use AP Controller if Advanced features are needed.

Thank you.



Thanks for you responds, it isn’t a solution to exclude this AP from the management.
The problem isn’t affected on just one accespoint but on all of our new accespoints we are distributing to our customers.

I know that Icontrol2 is still in progress but those settings I mentioned are important settings when setting up a SECURE quest network.
I hope you may have a workaround or a date when I can expect those settings to be available

Thank you



The work around for right now would be to use the AP Controller in the Balance or configure them manually. Otherwise stayed tuned, we will announce once IC2 has added more configurable options regarding the AP’s (no ETA at this time).


Hi Jared,

At the latest firmware update I saw that I could configure the Up/Downstream limit trough Incontrol2
Still I’m missing some features and a very important one. The option to block Lan Access.

Now we got a lot of AP One AC Mini accespoints, but they are useless and insecure. We can’t use them for now.

I don’t understand why this isn’t available yet, u give the option to make a captive portal for free internet.
But you don’t give the option to prevent unwanted access to the netwerk behind the accesspoint. It’s a shame.

Please FIX this ASAP, it’s very important. Not only for me but for many peplink/pepwave users.



Hello, These features are available on the B305 AP controller and above I am assuming that you have a Balance that is below the B305?

Anything not on your AP controller will need to be configured manually on each AP.



  1. Enable: Block LAN Access
    May I know all settings below are needed? Screen shot below is getting from WLAN Controller.

  2. Configure: Up/Downstream limit
    We will do this in future release.

  3. Configure: Client Up/Downstream limit
    This is available now.

  4. Enable: AutoScan Best Channel (2.4 & 5GHz)
    Do you need an option to manually set the scaning interval?

  5. Configure: Scheduled Radio Availability
    We will do this in future release.


Hi Jared,

We don’t have any kind of AP controller/Balance.
We only got some devices and the Incontrol2 panel.

Best regards,



1. Block LAN Access
I quess u are asuming we have a balance or something, but we don’t.
We are fully dependent of Incontrol2. As u can see at Post#4 we don’t have to ability to configure “Block LAN Access” when the device is managed by Incontrol2.
Also it’s no option that we exclude the device from Incontrol2, because the whole point of cloud managed Accesspoints is gone then.

We only need the option to block LAN Access, not especially the other settings.

2. Configure: Up/Downstream limit
Looking forward to it.

3. Configure: Client Up/Downstream limit
Yes I saw, thankyou :slight_smile:

4. Enable: AutoScan Best Channel (2.4 & 5GHz)
That’s correct

5. Configure: Scheduled Radio Availability
Looking forward to it.



You will need to configure these manually then on each device as only a Balance 305 and above can configure those settings for multiple devices, as IC2 is not able to configure up/down stream and block LAN access.

As stated from TK’s picture that is a setting in the AP controller of a Balance router (305 and above).

The only other option would be to use IC2’s Configuration Cloning feature (Group Settings>Configuration Cloning) where you would configure a AP manually (setting up/down and lan access settings) and then set this as the Master Device. Then all other products in that particular group will clone off of that device with the exact same settings.

Ultimately it sounds like you would need the AP controller from a Balance that allows you to configure those settings for a group of APs as we are still enhancing IC2 which currently is not able to.


Hi Jared,

When I’m using the IC2’s cloning feature I can’t make/configure a captive webportal, so that workaround is not a option in our situation.
Also I don’t bother to configure those settings at the device but then u should not lockout the whole page where I supossed to setup that feature.

Either make that feature available in IC2 or let me configure that on the device without excluding the specific AP from IC2

Thank you


Hi Supracom,

We are working on the settings. Stay tuned.


thanks for this WiFi setting knowledge. sometimes my internet connection stops working after 5 min. after 2 days this problem occur…i have facing this problem from this month…please tell me is this WiFi problem or my PC problem ??? :confused:



May I know what Peplink/Pepwave deivce your are using? Possible to share you network diagram?

Need more info since the problem too general.


Hi Jared, Michael and the rest of the Peplink Support Team

How are we doin today? A couple of weeks ago I saw there was a new firmware available for my device('s), but unfortunately I still can’t configure the: “Block LAN Access”.
I’m very disappointed about that, we still can’t use our accesspoints. Please fix this ASAP!

Thank you


We scheduled to release the advanced Wi-Fi settings on July 6.


Hi Michael,

Glad to hear that, looking forward to it.
Do you know if this will be a BETA release or a final/stable.

Best regards,

Benjamin Poort


It will be a generally available final release.