Addressing the 2014 Tel Aviv Public Wi-Fi Hack

In response to recent online articles such as the above, we want to emphasise to our customers and partners that the issue was fixed in 2014. This is NOT new, nor recent. it was an incident in 2014.

Back in 2014, we worked directly with Mr. Neiderman and fixed the issue within the month of discovery. We want to clarify that the exploit was possible partly due to a misconfiguration, resulting in the accidental exposure of the administration interface to the Internet.

Additional information:

Who’s affected: devices running firmware 5.4.9
Fix introduced: firmware 6.1.2
Action to take: upgrade to the latest firmware

Thank you for your attention.
The Peplink Team.


And if you are using InControl2, (as noted in the article)

Disable the Web Admin Access from WAN

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