Adding multiple MAC addresses for single entries, and DNS resolve DHCP reserve list

Some devices only allow one network interface to be active. (eg: printers, appleTV, etc)

So with standard dhcp.conf I can get away with an entry like this:

host main-printer { hardware ethernet 00:1E:0B:52:C1:49; fixed-address; option host-name “main-printer”; }
host main-printer { hardware ethernet 00:1E:0B:52:C1:48; fixed-address; option host-name “main-printer”; }

That way the printer always has the same IP no matter if it’s wireless or hardwired.

Any way to get peplink to do the same thing?

Other thing is you can have local DNS entries. Any way so that the “name” can be resolved? That way I don’t have to have the machines register with a DDNS, or manually enter the entries from the DHCP reserve list?