Adding B1/M20 to existing LAN


Is it possible to add a Balance One or Balance 20 to an existing network/router?

Without having to understand anything about the existing network, I want to add a Balance One to provide a faster (thru load balancing), and more reliable (thru failover and PeepVPN) internet connection. Connect the LAN output of the B1 to the WAN port of the existing router. I need all ports to be forwarded thru, except any port needed by the B1 to remote manage, PeepVPN, Fusion, etc.

Is there a simple configuration, like a DMZ, or do I need to set up all the ports to be forwarded, except whatever the Balance needs?


Just for future reference.

You can easily add a router to an existing network between the existing router and the internet connection. just create a port forward rule for all ports.

remote management and pepVPN The Peplink router will automatically intercept the needs ports for remote management and pepVPN. no need to do anything special.

The is the poor man’s Drop-in-mode.