Adding a fiber connection to Balance 20

We currently have a coax cable connection coming in the building and have been running this into a Balance 20 for a couple of years with a wireless modem on the USB port. We are in the process of adding a second WAN - a fiber 5x5 connection. Any potential issues doing this? The circuit provider is Time Warner, and they will provide an ADVA FSP 150CCf ether jack device to manage the fiber circuit. They are due to complete the install in the next day or two. Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeffery, that will be no problem. The ADVA device will convert the fiber connection to Ethernet to plug in to the Balance 20.

Thanks. The connection setup and testing went quickly - really uneventful. Does the Balance 20 look at each connection type / speed when determining the load-balancing between each WAN? Or does it just attempt to split 50/50?

That depends on your outbound policy. The default Custom rule uses the lowest latency algorithm, but you can change it to anything you want and also create your own rules. Very powerful stuff!!