Add WireGuard Support

+1 this would be a huge win. Please consider adding to roadmap

Upvote from me! This would be awesome.

+1… Please… We need to add wireguard at Peplink. (PISMO/Pepwave)

and a wireguard client license! love my ovpn client license, but I have a need for 2 VPN client connections today.

Disagree. I don’t think we should have to pay for a license for WireGuard like we do for OpenVPN. I don’t think we should have to pay for an OpenVPN license either.


This…we shouldn’t need to be paying for using built in features that do not incur 3rd party licensing costs, such as openVPN WAN, additional vWAN’s, etc. Especially when we are already paying for PrimeCare. Or maybe make a PrimeCare Plus perk be all addon’s inclusive.

I will give Peplink some props, they did pretty much eliminate the additional license requirements for basic features on the BR1’s, so I feel some headway is being made.

I think that Wireguard support should be added, 100%, full stop.
As far as paying a licensing fee for it, I understand why Peplink charges for OpenVPN and IPSec connections and I would be willing to bundle it in the same way VPN licenses are charged today (say, via a Care license or independent license over X number of connection) due to the work that was involved to add it.
I do remember a post in here (maybe another thread) that said it was being considered for FW9, but when I asked at the Peplink Summit last November, no one from the Peplink side had any idea, and most of them didn’t know what Wireguard was :frowning:

When could we expect FW v9 to be released? Just purchased a B One 5G and was really hoping to use Wireguard on it. Since this is post is two years after the original, you can see why customers get a little frustrated about the releases.

We have a plan to add this feature after firmware 8.4.2 is released (targeted in Q2’ 2024) for selected models. Stay tuned for more news when firmware 8.4.2 is launched.


Can’t wait to test this out in 8.4.2 :smiley:

@Dylan-e Just to clarify that this is targeted on post 8.4.2, which is going to be a 8.4.2 special build for selected models. :sweat_smile:

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Whoops, misread that :smiling_face_with_tear: