Add remote admin to AP's on incontrol when they are controlled by a local router

Currently if you have an AP managed by a local MAX or Balance device under incontrol the AP is no longer manageable. Remote admin disappears etc.

I’ve had an issue where I need to apply a custom firmware to a set of AP’s in this circumstance, I cannot do this remotely via incontrol either pushing firmware from incontrol (as its under device management) or remote admin and directly (as the feature is removed when an AP is device managed)

On a device you can only push a firmware pack to an AP not an individual custom firmware hence being able to still remote admin from incontrol is useful to be able to do this manually on each AP from there.

To get around the issue I had to setup another MAX router with a VPN to the same Balance the customer was on so I could route directly to the AP’s from a machine, if the function for remote admin was retained under incontrol it would be much simpler.

Hi cgreen,

You are right and we have noticed about this need.
There will be a new feature to access Web Admin of managed AP from AP Controller in the coming 7.1.0 release. With this new feature, you can access those device managed APs from IC2 Remote Web Admin to AP Controller with just a few clicks.