Add more User Groups for QOS

Hi TK,
Are you planning to add more User Groups? Some of our Customers require much more Individual Bandwidth Limits than just two :slight_smile:


This is on our wish list but no ETA at the moment. I will relay your request to the team.



Let me share more details here:

We would like to use Balance devices not only as WAN but also as more advanced LAN routers. As we provide different Internet services using one device, we need more ways to limit the bandwidth:

  • Group limit - a group of MAC addresses, subnets etc. has it’s own limit shared between the Clients (as it is now available in BLC routers, but much more than just two rules)
  • VLAN limit - single VLAN has limited bandwith shared between users
  • Client limit - each Client in the subnet has it’s specified limit e.g. - uplink is 1Gbps, Limit 5Mbps/Client and each of 100 Clients has no more than 5Mpbs bandwidth
  • Port limit - LAN ports with own limits, so whole traffic coming from all subnets, users etc. trough this port is limited to specified bandwidth

I made two diagrams that might explain what we are trying to achieve. I thing it would be great if we could create up to 15 (or even more) different bandwidth limit rules.
Please consider adding such options in future firmware versions.

VLAN limit

Client limit


Yes, I agree this kind of flexibility is valuable.


I would like to know if there is already a date for this functionality, I currently have a BPL710 and I need to have 4 groups of QoS


More user groups is THE deal breaker for us implementing Peplink as the single gateway. We end up having to deploy equipment of the same value just for traffic management


I would like to know the status of this development, since I have several projects where more limitations are required.

I need this!