Add "Guest Account" Access Mode Captive Portal to Balance Routers without requiring InControl2 subscription

I worry that when my Balance router’s warranty expires, I will be forced to purchase an extra warranty/subscription to keep accessing InControl2 just to keep using the Captive Portal feature. This is the main reason I purchased the router, and it wasn’t disclosed from the beginning that its full use would require a subscription to InControl2, otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it!

What I’m requesting is that you make the Guest Account access mode feature free and built-in, so that it does not require an InControl2 subscription to work. Open access mode is not sufficient because I need to lock down my wifi network to grant access only to specific users, so I can revoke that access at any time.

Otherwise, I will be forced to go with open source hardware so I can run OpenWRT + ChilliCoova for a Captive Portal solution!