Add Device Tags - API

I’m trying to update the TAG value of Pepwave MAX BR1 device.
When I’m using the “InControl 2 API” site it does the work and I can add/delete TAGs, but when I’m moving to my code I’m getting “INTERNAL_ERROR” as response.

What do I do wrong?


Please send your request and conern here -

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What was the solution here?
I can get it to work from the API documentation page with a data field of;
But I am unable to phase this in to postman or Ignition Automation successfully. I keep getting the error “MISSING_INPUT”

What is the correct format for postman or another program to pass this put or delete on device_tags ?

Thank You

Ok, I now have it working in postman
Needed to add the data text under the body as raw in the following format;

Now I just need to get this into Ignition!

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