Add "continue using 'SSID' data?" acknowledgement


Hi Team,
We’ve gotten a request to be able to have clients that have logged into a captive portal via email authentication reconnect without having to go through the process of authenticating again, but instead get a secondary captive portal page such as “Continue using ‘SSID’ data?” This would keep devices from using data for background functions such as push notifications or updates when the user isn’t aware thus saving the available throughput for users that are actively using the provided WiFi connection.


May I know this meets your requirement?


Hi TK,
It’s close, but not exactly. In the scenario where the captive portal allows for a quota reset every 24 hours here’s what we are looking for.
The client device would sign into the captive portal starting the 24 hour clock.
After a 45 minute session, the client device disconnects from the WiFi.
The client device then reconnects to the WiFi, but instead of having to fully sign in again or being able to use data without acknowledging it, we are looking for a simple notification to remind the user (and double check) that they are still using the provided WiFi.
After the Quota is reset, the client device would again be required to fully sign in.

I hope that helps explain things a little better.



I’d suggest you, instead of choosing ‘once only’, choose ‘every time they connect’ instead. Upon network reconnection, a page with a button "Connect to the Internet’ will be displayed.


Users will immediately connect to the Internet after clicking the button. No full sign-in will be required. If we allow you to put a message above the button, will it serve your requirement?


Hi Michael,
Thank you for the reply. The wording on that captive portal option implies that the user would need to go through the entire log in process again. We’ll have to check with the customer to see if this would be sufficient.
As for any sort of destination based QoS, is there any chance that is on the roadmap at all?