Add ability to set Outbound Policy for InControl2 PepVPN devices

As mentioned in thisthread, you can set the Outbound Policy on a BR1 in a PepVPN/SpeedFusion VPN if you manually configure the VPN’s. But if you use InControl2 to create the VPN, you lose the ability to use Outbound Policies on the BR1’s. The assumption is that all traffic for the VPN should automatically go through the tunnel and dynamic routing handles that for you. However, there are usecases when certain IP’s need to be excluded from that routing. One example is a case where certain ports are open in a range that falls inside the VPN network but other ports aren’t. That traffic should go out the default gateway of the BR1 rather than through the SpeedFusion VPN. This is possible with manually configured PepVPN/SpeedFusion networks but not if created and managed in InControl2.



Hi John,

I have provided my answer here. I will follow up with you for the rest of the questions in that forum thread.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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