Add a redirect page when device reaches reserve for management mode

Can we add a redirect page when device reaches reserve for management mode.
We would like to be able to customize this page as well similar to how we can customize the captive portal page.

When a pc/phone tries to access a web page and the peplink is in the reserve for management mode bandwidth limitation it would display this page.

The page could have details that their internet is currently down, and contact information to resolve.


Can we get this added to the next release. It would really help with support calls.

This is quite challenging as there is a technical contraint. Now a day, most of the connection for LAN clients are encrypted (e.g. HTTPS). Hence, it is impossible to inject the requested page into the encrypted connection as there is no way the decryt the client connection.

How are pages redirected when the content is blocked or the captive portal?
Shouldn’t this work the same way?

They are not same. What you requested is injecting a page into an established HTTPS connection. Captive portal redirection is intercepting the connection at the beginning (before the HTTPS connection is estabslihed).

You may refer to this link - It does explain HTTPS eliminates the ability of unmoderated third parties to inject advertising into web content.

Hope this explains your doubt.

Ok how about on new connections that are made?
Not redirecting https.
However the filter block and captive portals works so that when a user tried to access the internet and they are on management restricted they get a message.