ACW-411 Port adapter

I have a BR1 Mini with an ACW-411 connected via a straight through ethernet cable. I have an RJ45 to female DB9 cable connected to the Console port of the ACW-411 that connects to a device via a male DB9 cable using RS-232 but I can’t seem to communicate with the end device.

Can the ACW-411 port adapter be used to communicate with a device serially using RS-232 through an RJ45 to female DB9 cable? I can’t seem to find any information on this specifically. The only information I can find shows it connecting to console ports on either modems or Cisco devices. Any advice or resources are greatly appreciated.

@Shaun_F, we would like to understand more about the requirement.

Do you mind elaborating more about the use case and what is the “serial device”, also how you are going to install/configure the BR1 Mini + ACW-411 in your setup?

The BR1 Mini is connected to the ACW-411 via a T568B straight through Ethernet cable. I have an RJ45 to female DB9 cable that plugs into the console port of the ACW-411. This cable connects to an Allen Bradley Totalflow that communicates through RS-232 using a male DB9 connector.

I have checked the Enable checkbox on the Serial to Network section to seemingly enable the Serial settings. I have configured the Serial settings to match with the Serial settings of the Totalflow.

Since I can’t seem to communicate with the Totalflow, I am trying to understand how the console port of the ACW-411 functions. Is it a true serial port that I can have an RJ45 to DB9 connector plugged into it and then communicate with another device using another DB9 connector or can this ACW-411 only be used on devices with console ports?