Actual Speed in Real Life?


I just discovered this line of products and am quite intrigued. Although I live in a suburban mountain area, I am fortunate enough to live within 200 feet of my ISP’s wireless repeater (there is no other cable or DSL ISP option) and the service offers a 5 Mbps connection. Still, I need more speed for my work.

Do I understand that if I have two of these connections from the same ISP, that I could end up with 10 Mbps of speed with a Peplink unit? I haven’t dug into the technical aspects of this application too much yet, but this kind of sounds too good to be true in real life.

Any comments from anyone about the performance?

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Dr. Z.

The good news is that the Peplink can indead balance your Internet accross multiple links. A good article to read is available here:

An important question to ask your ISP is if they will be able to provide that bandwith to you. In some cases wireless networks only provide a certain bandwith per access point or repeater.