Acessing 3g router and hotspot wifi

We have purchased a peplink 380 on a boat with a wifi hotspot on WAN1 a 3g modem on WAN2 and a satellite modem on WAN3. On Wan1 i need to be able to access the wifi hotspot to set it up to connect to a new server whenever we have been moving to a new port.
At the moment i am unable to do that,acess has been denied. I will have to do the same thing with the 3G modem whenever a different sim card has been installed.
Can you help on outbound rules so i can access the units.

It will be good if you can provide us the network diagram of the setup. We suspect it could be some network conflict that preventing you to access the WAN1 wifi hotspot.

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We have a switch on the LAN port to which 5 AP’s and 11 other consumers are connected, but even when i connect a computer directly to the LAN port i cannot access the Wifi hotspot not the 3G modem.
I have attached a rough drawing of our network layout

Thanks for the network diagram but we need more information in the diagram. We need the IP address information to determine if it is caused by network conflict.

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The Peplink has an ip of, the wifi hotspot .30.2, the 3G .30.3. Behind the switch the AP’s all have .30.10 to .30.15 and the PC’s have .30.6 and .30.6, then there is some instrumentation with fixed ip’s og .30.7, .30.8 ,.30.9. All have subnet of
DHCP from .30.20 to .30.100.
But like i said even if the network on the switch is disconnected and i am connecting a PC direct to theLAN of the Peplink i cannot access it either.

That’s the problem because all the WAN and LAN are having the same network. This will cause routing confusion to the Peplink. The traffic will stop at LAN without routing to the WAN. Please use a different network for WAN and LAN.

Please keep us posted on the result after the changes.

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Stanley, changed the IP of the hotspot but now i go straight to the login page of the peplink when i enter the ip address of the hotspot, so i am still unable to get into the unit.
I gave it ip adress.

Any chance of helping me out on this?

Please confirm the IP address of the hotspot and the corresponding WAN IP address on the Peplink.

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the Peplink ip is and the Wifi hotspot has as IP address

I think the IP address is the LAN IP of the Peplink, correct? I was asking you what the WAN IP address is?

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Yes the LAN IP os the WAN IP for the yachtspot wifi is, the IP for the yachtspot is

I suggest to give the yachtspot wi-fi the IP of and set the WAN IP of on the Peplink, with it’s default gateway of

You can confirm it works by pinging from the Peplink WAN interface to the yachtspot interface.

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OK so i should take a diferent IP range for WAN2 and WAN3 if you want the address of the WAN connection lower than the IP of the WAN of the Pepelink?

Tim, I have changed the ip of WAN1 on the Peplink to with a gateway and the Wifi an ip of, but i still cannot get access to it or ping it.
I have also set the firewall to pass any input to any output.

Go ahead and open a support ticket and we will try to help you:

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