Accessing GPS Info from Pepwave MAX Routers

I assume the device is not showing as being out of warranty on IC2?
If it’s not showing as online in incontrol2 then you won’t see GPS updates there. If you login to the device locally can you see the map on the webui dashboard? Is that showing a correct position?

Is there much web filtering done at an ISP level (or maybe even at your corporate firewall level) perhaps?

Sounds like IC2 traffic is juts not getting through.

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Hi thank you very much for the reply but i didn’t get the webui dashboard

i logged in the device and could not find any maps can you specify me exactly where can i see it.

when you login to a MAX device the map isi shown on the dashboard above the Device Information section - but only if it has GPS data to show.

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When I click on the MAC link, I get the following.

Anyone got an updated link?

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Hello @SamuelNorris,
Not sure why you are getting an Error 404 from an Australian ISP, for us it is working fine (from here in Australia) when accessing the devices remotely via InControl2, these are two screen shots.

You can see the URLs in the images (device serial number changed), though this is from a live system showing that it does work (when using InControl2).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

can you please find the screen shot below this is wat i get in the dashboard do we have to enable something for the gps dashboard

Do i need to have gps antanea installed in case to view the maps in dashboard

Hi @Dawoodh_Nawaz

Yes, you will need to have the GPS antenna attached, however, the antenna will also need to be able to access satellites for the GPS to work. Both of the images below are taken from devices with the GPS antenna installed, one has access to satellites and the other doesn’t. Therefore, antenna positioning is also important for GPS to work properly.

Web GUI from device is access to satellites:-

Web GUI from device with no access to satellites (but with the GPS antenna attached):-

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Its the URL in the original post to download the software for MAC that is not working

Can you share which are the MAX routers that support local storing of GPS locations data?

@Juan_carlos_Luna_kan, GPS data will be stored in InControl2 if you have active InControl2 subscription or GPS server if GPS Forwarding is enabled.

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Thanks, I understand; but the question is about the MAX models that support local GPS Info storage beside MAX Transit.

@Juan_carlos_Luna_kan, GPS data will not store inside any Max router permanently like InControl2.

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What I found is that the MAX Transit Routers are able to store GPS data in GPX file format on local storage up to 7 days.


All device models that have Integrated GPS feature should have the location Tracking Data (GPX format) up to 7 days.

If you can’t find the download link via WebUi Status page, you need check the followings:

  1. Make sure the device have latest firmware
  2. Make sure the device have valid/receiving GPS signal.
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Hello @SamuelNorris,
It took a while though we may have found for you (and other Apple Mac users) a usable replacement link to the original link via this archived URL copy.

All of the download links and files appear to have been archived from our initial checks.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I would like to understand what is the logic behind showing GPS Data/Location/Map inside the WebGUI. I have several BR1 and BR1 minis; I can’t seem to figure out when the map shows up and when it doesn’t.

Also, if the GPS antenna for some reason isn’t getting sufficient signal, what will be displayed in InControl and in the WebGUI? Last known location?

@kenichiwa, If the BR1 first boot up and never receive the valid GPS coordinate, the map will not show in the Dashboard. If the BR1 did receive the valid GPS coordinate and it stops receiving the valid GPS coordinate (e.g. GPS antenna is removed), the map in the Dashboard will show the last known location.

Hope this helps.

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How can we start the virtual COM port as a Windows service so it is always available? Right now, if we close the program or switch users, the COM port is no longer receiving data.

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