Accessing Devices on Other VLANs- Balance 20

I have 3 vlans on the balance 20 & I set my laptop on all 3 vlans (not at the same time) & a phone on one of the tagged vlans. I cannot access the the GUI of the phone when on the default I tagged vlans nor can I ping it. I can ping all Gateways coming from the balance when I tag my laptop nic & set my device on the vlan.

I also made sure Inter VLAN Routing is checked for all the VLANS.

I also set up firewall rules going both ways & nothing worked. Am I missing something?

If your devices depend on SSDP, VLans may break it. Most of the discovery protocols limit their discovery scope by ONLY discovering devices in the local broadcast domain (TTL Of 1). Is that what is going on with you?

My best example is the YouTube app for iPhone. It won’t discover my Samsung televisions when on a separate VLan.

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