AC Mini Mgmt Locally

Hi All,
after reading the manual for local mgmt.
What is the option ‘Ap Controller’ ?
Does this mean I can make one of my 3 x ac mini the controller? or its a pep bal server or something?
if I have nothing like that do I just select none, and then all 3 are standalone, but do offer roaming if ssid all same and password same.?

No, the AP can not be a controller, the options are:

  1. Balance/MAX acts as the controller.
  2. InControl acts as the controller.
  3. Each AP is independent.

Ok, so I simply Untick at the top of the page?
This will then enable me to see clients connected locally on the AP, rather than seeing “this device is managed by incontrol2”

I have set controller setting to unticked.
Now that i’ve moved away from incontrol2, my SSID gives me this message
“this ssid was created by incontrol2”
I feel like the only way to get away from incontrol2 is to completely factory reset?