About Public IP

Right now I use Peplink Balance 710 and i have 2 WAN connect with this load blance. i have some problem.

  1. my customer cannot watch cctv when they outside their home.

please help me solve this heavy problem.
thank you


Appreciate if you could provide more information/details into the issue.

Thanks Jared
As it is now I have an Xfinity modem as the ISP. We’ve had them for years, with their modem bridged giving us a public IP address at the wan port of our router. Recently they have stoped providing us with a usable public IP address and they can’t figure out what the problem is. We‘ve verified many times over with Cisco, and there own IT people, our equipnment is fine and it’s there problem.
I am trying to find a backup source for our network.
The owner of the property has a yacht. They just upgraded to Starlink and had to replace the modem.
So now this MAX HD2 is available. I would like to get it setup as a failover when Xfinity goes down, which it is now doing regularly

Hello @Mark_Ogden,
Peplink have, what we consider, the perfect solution for this using SpeedFusion and FusionHub hosted. We use this for a diverse range of customers on connections who cannot get a Public IP yet need access from outside the network to devices within.
Your local Preplink partner can help, or PM us for more details.
Happy to help,
Marcus :slight_smile: