About peplink 20

hi. Good day. i would like to ask. if i use peplink 20. if i have 3 isp. 1= 5mbps, 1=3mbps, and 1= 2mbps. will it add up to be 10mpbs when i use speedtest.net? thanks. i will use it for lte, dSl and wimax. thanks again.

Access to speedtest.net is consider one session and it will be using either one of the ISP links. You will only get 10Mbps if you are performing download with download manager, which can initiate multiple download sessions.

The bonding result is only achievable with the SpeedFusion bonding technology when you are setting up the SpeedFusion VPN connection.

does peplink 20 have speedfusion technology?

In order to setup the SpeedFusion, you must have two Peplink devices that support the SpeedFusion feature. Unfortunately the Peplink Balance 20 does not come with this feature. You may refer to this for details. But you can purchase an add-on license to activate this feature.

sorry for asking many questions. if i use peplink 30. put lte broadband in usb port. and put 1 dsl in wan1. will it add up the bandwith?

The LTE USB dongle will work as one of the WAN connections as well and giving you an option for load balancing and failover.

is there any possible that i can add up the bandwith of my 3 ISP. to get more bandwith in one connection. and to see it in speedtest.net

sir? are u there?

With a single Peplink direct access to Internet or speedtest.net, it is not possible to get the total bandwidth.

If you have the HQ and branch setup whereby assuming your Peplink is at the branch and the HQ is having 50Mbps Internet link, you can achieve close to 10Mbps (total bandwidth minus some VPN overhead) if you access speedtest.net via SpeedFusion back to HQ.

Branch Peplink >> SpeedFusion VPN >> HQ Peplink >> Speedtest.net