About Incontrol2 reporting time

I have set Incontrol2 and I found that the reporting location’s real time was 8 or 12 second. I need reduce the reporting location’s real time to 1or 2 second. How can i do? Thanks.

Devices are reporting their coordinate to IC2 every 2 seconds. The map just refreshes the map every 10 seconds. Currently, there is no setting to change the map’s refresh rate. But if you use the IC2 API to request for a device’s location every 2 seconds, you should see the coordinate changes every time.

May I know what your use case is?

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What is the incontrol2 API? How can I get this service to request for a device’s location every 2 seconds? Thank you for your help.

Search engines are your friend. “Incontrol2 API” yields IC2 API.



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Thank zegor_mjol.

Marco, you can refer to the endpoint “/rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/loc”.

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Michael, is it need to buy the API service to my incontrol 2? Since I found the API only can provide test version to us.


IC2 API is opened for devices that manage under IC2. The API document is just a guideline/API query’s with example templates that how you can get/post request via IC2 API.

You need to have programming skill in order to integrating your application with the data obtained from IC2 API.


Michael, how to enter to the “/rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/loc”. ?


IC2 API guide well explained what you need to do to get the info from IC2 API.

You need to get someone that have basic programming knowledge in order to integrate your application with IC2 API.

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