Ability to configure InControl2 VLAN settings (such as the DHCP)

The Issue:
If the VLAN settings in InControl2 are changed, they are overwriting the required DHCP and other settings already placed in the device for the VLAN (such as the Gateway IP, subnet mask DHCP Server enabled or disabled)
This is causing issues especially where the Router is not the required DHCP server on the VLAN as there is no other place to override this currently except in the device.

Resolution recommendation:
Place into InControl2 the full VLAN Settings as can be found in the device with the option to use device tagging to include/exclude a device from a VLAN settings.

Scenario (example):
VLAN 123 has it own DHCP server running that is required due to the way devices need to connect and use that VLAN, In the router, DHCP has been previously disabled so to support the requirements of the VLAN, InControl2, a network administrator decides to update a setting (such as the subnet size), InControl2 then publishes the VLAN changes to the router, causing the DHCP server within the router for that VLAN to enable, resulting in a DHCP conflict within the VLAN123 for devices on that VLAN.

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This feature is important and relevant as it can easily mess up the configuration of the device.

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Thanks mldowling and rocknolds! Your reported behavior is unexpected. We just identified the bug and applied a fix. IC2 will not change the DHCP server setting on your device anymore. By design, IC2 should just overwrite the VLAN network name and captive portal setting (if any) onto the devices. The rest settings shall not be modified.

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When adding another Balance Router into the same InControl2 group, the new device is not receiving the various VLAN assignments from IC2, only VLAN assignments that are push in the VLAN assignments related to Wi-Fi from within IC2.

How do we know when VLANs will be synced up from InControl2 and the various Peplink products connected to IC2 ?

Resolution Recommendation:
Allow the ability (like with Firmware Updates) to determine when a new device will get the VLANs pushed out to the device.