A minor bug? (With hostnames/names in DHCP reservations added from client list

I think I’ve found a minor bug on 5.4.6 build 1585

I use Status / Client List to select an entry and edit the Name then I use the button to Import It.

Then when I go the Network / LAN option I look at it in the DHCP Reservations and the name has changed.

What is seems to be is that if I change the entry to something which has 2 or more spaces then the entry in the DHCP reservation screen is truncated up to the 2nd space.

So If I have “AB CD EF” in the client list then it will be just “AB CD” in the DHCP Reservations.

I assume this is a bug (I’m guessing there shouldn’t be any spaces in the DHCP Reservations name?).

Strange. I did exactly what you described but I could import “AB CD EF” just fine from Client List to DHCP Reservation.

Ummm… anyone else could reproduce this?

Oh, let me re-test too

Ah I’ve sussed it…

I used the “Airport Extreme Lounge” text and in the “DHCP Server Settings” page you only see “Airport Extreme” but if you click on the text then you can see the whole name.

Perhaps the GUI should be modified to better display long names?

I see what you are saying. Yes you are right. We should better display it. We will look into this.

And thanks for the heads-up :up: I gotta say you guys are pretty awesome. Thanks again.

NP Glad to help :slight_smile: