A Drop-in mode question

Guys , we have a scenario with some ISP customers using Peplink to share the Internet to their users. consider the following scenario :

WAN1 : a public 256 class valid IP address ( Drop-in mode and premium link )
WAN2 : regular DSL link
WAN3 : regular DSL link

ISP has assigned public static IP address to their users behind the Peplink balancer using the valid IP address range on WAN1.
Their outbound policy has set to use all WANs at the same time to increase the speed and bandwidth.

local regulatory rule says that all Internet users should have their valid static IP address every time they use Internet. ( for security reasons and log reporting ) , but when Peplink router do load balancing they source IP address changes regularly due to the nature of the load balancing.
Is there any solution to keep the load balancing feature ( not enforcing outbound connections to the drop-in mode link ) but keep the public static IP address for all outbound session when their sessions go through non drop-in mode links ?? like masquerading IP address or something like that …

waiting your comments ,

Thanks - Hootan

Hi Hootan, I hear where you are coming from but I don’t see how this would be possible. The non drop-in mode connections will have NAT applied to them, and even if we were able to mask the IP I’m not sure the ISP’s would even route those packets.

Thanks -Tim