6.3 firmware

I updated all my Peplink routers to 6.3 except one is a 380 with hardware version 1. I don’t see that device listed on http://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/firmware-6-3-1-and-user-manual/

Is there a version for that device coming? Or is it EOL? I am on 6.2.2 now. Working fine but I just noticed the “schedule” feature in another forum post, and it appears that comes with 6.3.

Hi Don,

The Balance 380 Hardware Revision 1 & 2 will be retired, as mentioned in our firmware 6.3.1 release notes.

If you want to enjoy the new features in the newer firmware, you can contact our reseller for hardware upgrade options.

Thanks and regards.

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The new features are not critical for me, just something I would have played with. The Balance 380 hw1 is at our main location. It gets worked pretty hard, there are 50 employees including a call center with VoIP. I also have a Balance 380 hw5 that is used at a remote site with only 8 employees. The 380 is overkill there, I just wanted a backup nearby in case the primary site router went down.

Is there a substantial hardware performance difference between the hw1 and hw5 versions of the 380? Point being maybe I should move the hw5 to the main location? Or is the performance no different between the hw versions?

The performance between the two will be very similar and not enough to warrant moving them IMO. The hw6 version we are shipping now does indeed increase the throughput to 1Gbps. Thanks.

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Gentlemen, In this case if I have a unit of 380 HW 1 , and the other unit is HW 3 - 5 , as I know hw3/5, can go up to 6.3.4 in official website, so what is the max or stable firmware for the HW 1 can go? Because we having SF vpn running between 2 of the unit. Your advice is much appreciate. thanks.

B380 HW1 is the retired hardware version. Please perform hardware refreshment for the device.

The latest firmware that B380 HW1 can use will be firmware version 6.2.2. You can actually check the archive firmware using the following URL:

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Dear Sit loong, noted with thanks.