6.3 Firewall Rule with Schedule

Hi there.

I have a balance20 with Firmware 6.3.0 build 3090.
I have created a firewall rule that is supposed to block traffic on certain times of the day. This works great.

Except… that if I disable the rule during a time-of-day when the rule is supposed to be “active” (blocking traffic) it still blocks the traffic even if disabled. While disabled, if I change the rule to “allow”, traffic is allowed to pass through. It seems that the rule is ON regardless of whether if I disable it or not.

I just opened a ticket with support just in case you were interested in following the issue.



Hi Cristian,

Thanks for reporting this to us. We have identified this is a bug. You may follow the pre-defined schedule to disable or enable the rules at the moment.

this scheduling it works also by only domain blocking only not the entire firewall rule?


Can you elaborate more on your request?