6.2.1 RC with USB Ethernet on Balance One

I have a Balance One that is now loaded with 6.2.1 RC firmware and I plugged in an Apple USB to Ethernet adapter. This particular adapter uses one of the ASIX Electronics AX88172/AX88178/AX88772 chipsets. Is there any sort of list as to what type of USB to Ethernet adapters are supported? It appears that this adapter is partially detected but the type of connection never changes from Mobile Internet and PPP to anything else.

I have the same problem using the Belkin F4U047 adapter.

I have also updated my Balance 30 to the latest beta version (6.2.1 build 2977) I am using a Trendnet TU2-ETG (v2.0R) USB to Ethernet adapter. It actually appeared on my balance 30 the very first time i plugged it in showing usb-to-ethernet and showing the gateway IP of the device connected to it, but it never actually worked. Rebooted my router hoping maybe a reboot will solve the issue and now it only says Connecting, it has never shown me the information i got the very first time again.

I was insanely excited when i saw this in the Feature Improvements “Ethernet:​ In addition to MAX models, Balance models now support most USB to Ethernet adapters, turning any USB port into an Ethernet port”. Thats basically my only reason for updating to this beta version. Can you perhaps list some of the adapters that currently work so i can purchase one of those from amazon.


In agreement with the last post, if just one, two, or three working USB to Ethernet Adapters could be listed that would help tremendously.

Hello All,

My apologies, I entered the incorrect information on our release notes. Here is the correct version.

When writing release notes, I’ll be more careful on the next time around.

Warning, rant:

I don’t understand why you need a $1500 balance 305 (which already has 3 wan’s) to be able to have a another wan when you are limited to a low 200mbps. IMO, the Balance One should of came with 3 wan ports out of the box, bonus points if you could of changed the build in wifi as a wan as an option.

And I spent $15.95 for nothing. :confused:

/end rent.

I agree on really wondering why the Balance One can’t have this feature. It’s a compelling product and also supports the upgrade to SpeedFusion. I am not thrilled to potentially downgrade my customer to a router that does not have the great features of the Balance One and instead go with a Balance 30 or 50. It’s especially frustrating that a MAX OTG can apparently support USB to Ethernet adapters (I’ll be testing mine today).

On the other hand, I suspect this omission of support might be due to drivers (either not yet available or not yet ready for inclusion) for the different CPU architecture that the Balance One, Balance 210/310 HW4, and and MAX HD2 mini (slim?) share. Is that the case?

Although I may be incorrect now that I think about it because the MAX HD4 uses the same CPU architecture as well.

I just tested two Apple USB to Ethernet Adapters with a MAX OTG with 6.2.1 RC firmware. That doesn’t work either. Any specific models of USB to Ethernet adapters that are supposed to work?

Hi all,

We will support USB to Ethernet Adapter in v6.2.1GA. Apple USB Ethernet Adapter is in our supported list. We still test on few more brands. More brands to be support in future.

What’s the timeframe on 6.2.1 GA at this point? Thanks for your response.

Hi all,

We will develop the USB to Ethernet adapter driver by phases base on the available product model. Models that support this driver in Phase 1 are listed by Alan here. For the rest of the models, we will provide a special build after v6.2.1 GA if the request is urgent.

Fyi, v6.2.1 GA is around the corner. Thank you.