6.2.0 DNS record with Custom IP, error "No IP address is defined"

6.2.0 Build 1333, Balance 580.

When trying to add or modify a DNS A record that has a Custom IP address, trying the save the changes returns “No IP address is defined”. Can’t find a way around it.
Anyone seen this issue?

Edit: This unit was recently setup, the old unit was a 380 model, the config was sent for conversion to 580. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Please upgrade your Balance to 6.2.2 firmware as I believe this problem has been fixed.

The issue got resolved with the 6.2.2 firmware upgrade.
I had reviewed the release doc about that version and didn’t list this issue. I understand this type of bugs can be embarrassing to admit, but I do think more disclosure from PepLink would be appreciated by most customers.


Thank you for your concern. We will improve our documentation in future. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

It was definitely not our intention to hide such information from the release notes. It was more of an oversight.

At Peplink, we realize customers are running their business over our gears and it is vital important for us to share product information, release notes and esp any bad news as soon as we can.