5Ghz WIFI WAN doesn't connect to non-broadcasting SSID

Good Afternoon,

We’ve been experimenting with the new 5GHZ WAN feature of the MAX Transit (thanks for that BTW, we’ve been looking forward to it for some time now!)

I’ve noticed that the 5Ghz WAN does not connect to non-broadcasting SSID’s even though the 2.4Ghz will connect to it without any problem. In our lab, we have the exact same SSID broadcast from the same AP on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. The 2.4 WAN connects up immediately, the 5 will stay at Scanning indefinitely.

We’ve tried multiple combinations, including disabling 2.4, disabling 5, changing the priority order, etc. The only way we can ever get the 5Ghz WAN to connect is by enabling SSID broadcasting. Even when enabling broadcast, allowing the router to connect and then disabling broadcast the router lost connection to the SSID.

We’re using 7.0.0 build 2742 on the Transit and 7.0.0 build 1904 on our Balance 580.


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Could you please start a support ticket so we can dig deeper into this? Thanks!