580 in lan port can make trunk?

can peplink 580 hw1 make in lan trunk ?

By default the LAN port should be a trunk port. You can make changes to the ports under Network > LAN > Port Settings

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Its only access there is no option in the web to config trunk

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You said that it was a HW1. I had missed that. The ability to change the port from a trunk port to an access port was added in 7.0.0. I know that on 6.3.4 all the LAN port should be trunk ports by default.

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its only access there is no option to make it trunk


If you have more than 1 VLAN defined for the LAN then the LAN port will be in Trunk port. No need to define extra setting for the LAN trunk port.

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What about the default vlan untagged ?

It will be disabled because I need to take the lan port and connect switch in trunk mode and he need to transparent all vlans include untagged to tagged ?

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Hmm :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. i not quick understand your question.

If no VLAN defined at the Balance device then the Uplink trunk port defined at the switch have nothing related to the balance device. Just assume it’s port access for untagged VLAN.

Hope the above answered your concern.

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I need to config the system that

Two peplink device transfer. All vlan both sides in layer 2 one sf tunnel can I do that ?

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lo we have SCENARIO

we need to move all vlan between two pl 380&580

in the first level only one line between two sites

but after 4 months will be another adsl line

i cant config trunk on the sf

also i config in the port line vlans \

but when i config the trunk i am lose the management

because the vlan default is untagged

how can i config this scenario ?

also the 380 hw=6 ver 7.0.2 and the edge p.l580 hw1 and ver 6.3.4

waiting for advice

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:+1::+1::+1: Yes, You can configure the Layer 2 SpeedFusion via the Utagged VLAN.

Step 1 : Enable VLAN setting for LAN.

Step 2: Edit the Untagged LAN and enable L2SF settings




Detail info please refer to the forum link below :slight_smile:

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i need to made all vlan throw wan link so speed fusion layer 2 its will operate with same tunnel to all vlan both sides

please see the draw

If you enable the Layer 2 SpeedFusion via untagged VLAN, all VLANS traffics will be bridged to the remote end. Make sure all the VLANs that you want to bridge is trunk at the uplink port for the switches.