5.4 Beta (Balance 20) PPTP Server


I just enabled the PPTP with input the username and password for login, I tried to use my iphone to connect using the VPN connection with PPTP. The connection was OK at the first time, now I try to connect again and it prompts “Authentication failed”. I already tried to re-enter the password or delete the user from the Balance 20 but the result is still the same. Is there any settings need to be done?


Update: Just found that can connect again due to ISP issue. HKBN cannot connect while HGC OK.

Thanks for your update Victor. Good to know we have a Peplink for it :slight_smile:

I also found that there may be Port Forward problem on WAN1 esp 80xx ports as my ipcam cannot be viewed via WAN1 after upgraded. Change the path to WAN2 is working OK. But after fallback to 5.3.12, all working normal.

Now fallback to 5.3.12.

Thanks for your heads-up Victor. We will take a closer look at that.