5.4.9: Firewall: allow rule: hostname: multiple A records -> only 1 is allowed

When creating a firewall allow rule in firmware 5.4.9 for a hostname that is DNS hosted on another Peplink Balance and returning multiple A records, result in no access to that hostname.

Possibly 1, and may be even both IP addresses are blocked.

Please fix.

Could you provide a screenshot of the firewall rule in question?

Now I am not sure whether it was the Firewall allow rule at the client side, or the Range Mapping rule at the server side.

Client side Firewall rule:
Protocol: TCP
Source IP:
Source Port: <not set>
Destination IP: nl4.probackup.nl
Destination Port: 4382-4385
Policy: Allow

Server side Range Mapping rule:
Enable: Yes
Protocol: TCP
Range Mapping:
Service Ports: 4382-4385
Map to Ports: 4282-4285
Inbound IP Address(es): All selected
Included Server(s): 1 selected, Weight 1

After changing the Range Mapping rule to several Port Mapping rules, the connections were established.