4xLTE (our modems) livestream

I would like to buy devices to improve the bandwidth from us (live broadcast of sports events) on youtube.
We have 4 different networks (about 10-20 Mb / s - our professional modems) and we have super fast internet access (about 1Gbit) at the company headquarters.

On the site I found several devices, but I do not know which ones are best for me.

Please look on diagram and tell me which devices will be good for me.


Hi Robert,

I am from frontier Netherlands one of the biggest Peplink distributors in the EU.

You would need the following:

Pepwave HD4
4x MIMO antenna 4G (or 8x single antenna).

Create a PEPVPN BONDED tunnel towards the Balance 380

Datacenter (headquarter):
Peplink Balance 380 (or higher depending if you want more throughput).

Thank you very much. I registered contact and I hope to do business together, then just talk to the my boss

Hello @Robert_Zawadzki,
There are may people here in the forum with broadcasting experience that have shared their knowledge and expertise, you can search for “broabcast” (of just click on this URL https://forum.peplink.com/search?q=broadcast%20order%3Alatest).
@Wouter is a active Peplink partner and we recommend to always go with an active local partner for you solutions.
You may also want to ask about using SpeedFusion options, there are many good examples on this too in the forum.

As I have a engineering broadcasting background, I will look forward to reading how your project goes, please do share you success with us all here.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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