4G Supported? Huawei E5330/5377/5577/5770/5776/5786

Hi all,

Anyone know whether these are supported on the Balance One Core?

Huawei E5330/5377/5577/5770/5776/5786

p.s. Yes I can search the forum, but it is inconclusive. And we really want to buy a 4G modem connecting an external antenna!

p.s. 2: yes we can go and look on the list, but it is not complete and doesn’t seem to feature the new products!


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Hi @amaravati,

I doubt any of these models will work, since they are all MiFi (Mobile WiFi) devices, not USB modems.
These models only supply an internet connection via WiFi, not through their USB port, this is only used for charging the battery.

We have tried using an USB > RJ45 converter with some of these models once, it didn’t work.
Atleast, not with the models we have in stock in our warehouse, which include all the models you have named.

The Huawei E5770 has a built-in LAN port, why not use this one and connect it to a WAN port of the Balance One Core?
You can also use the Huawei E3372 (this is an USB modem), this model is supported by Peplink.

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Hello @joey_van_der_Gaag,

That’s not entirely true,

  1. Netgear Aircard 781S (
    Mobile Hotspots: 5G, 4G LTE | Portable WiFi 5G Routers | NETGEAR)
    is also a MiFi, but the USB can be used on a computer as an USB modem

  2. likewise the Huawei models (page 13

I am not sure if you knew that.

Those models listed, could potentially be connected to an external antenna,
which is great for our rural setup.

Best wishes

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Also, if you do have all those models, knowing they can be an USB modem,
perhaps you can help and test for us (me)!

Would answer my thread!

P.s. We have filled all our five wan ports, e5770 is a no go :frowning:

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I learn new things everyday. :slight_smile:
I must say I’ve never tested micro USB > USB, just micro-USB > RJ-45.
This didn’t give any positive results with any of the Huawei models.

We have a micro-USB > USB cable here, so I’ll try testing these Huawei MiFi’s on a Peplink/Pepwave device with an USB port.

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I have tested all models with a Peplink Balance 310 running firmware 7.0.0, except for the E5776 (this model is EOL).

I managed to get a ‘Connected’ status with all models, except for the Huawei E5786.
When using the in-the-box supplied USB cable of the Huawei E5786, the Peplink Balance 310 did not detect a device.
When using a Samsung phone USB cable, I did get a ‘Connecting…’ status, but I did not manage to get a ‘Connected’ status.

So to conclude; the E5330, the E5377, the E5577 and the E5770 work according to my tests.



NL: Hartstikke bedankt!

Not knowing when you would be replying I ordered (today) the e5377, but was on time to cancel it for the newer and cheaper e5577!!! Great help!

I think this is another ‘good’ feature of the Peplink that you can tell
your customers! Not only can they make use of a mobile wifi, but in
urgencies, they can connect such device to help with downtimes.

@Keith can we give Joey a USB modem tester badge??? Perhaps we can use
this info also to update the list here:

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You´re welcome!
Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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