4G Modems

This is just to let you know there’s at least one Balance 30 user who could really use support for the Verizon (LG) VL600 USB modem. We’re currently using it via a laptop / bridge to get a third WAN, but direct USB connection would of course be much better.

A similar request for the Balance 580’s USB port and Sprint’s 4G Sierra 250U USB modem. We currently utilize two of these modems using Cradlepoint Routers that plug into the Peplink’s WAN ports. This set up doesn’t allow management of the Cradlepoint Routers from the LAN side, creates another point of failure, and takes up a WAN port while the USB port is not being utilized.

Hi Jim, James

Please contact us via the following URL regarding the supporting of modem supporting.




We have improved 4G modem support with our firmware version 5.3 . It will be available soon.

Or if you have a modem that is currently not supported, even after the upgrade, we are happy to work with you in getting it support.

All you need to do is to plug the modem into the device overnight, and our engineers will work on it remotely.

Open a support ticket to get started.